Lingua Franca’s policy is to use professional academic translators for all material, unless there are compelling grounds otherwise. Authors are welcome to nominate translators but the final choice remains with the editorial board.

Original work will of course be translated, but authors are nevertheless requested to submit texts which conform to a few essential requirements, namely that their texts should be:

  • double-spaced
  • on A4-sized pages
  • in a 12-point font, such at Times New Roman
  • with all pages numbered at top right
  • accompanied by a short abstract (100-150 words)

As a rule, each article will be preceded by a brief introduction of no more than two pages placing it in its broader intellectual context. This may be supplied by the author or by the scholar recommending the article for inclusion.

Translators should follow the same guidelines, but should prepare a text using the Chicago style of referencing, with footnotes at the bottom of the page. Spelling should be Americanised throughout. In case of doubt, translators should consult the online style guide at