Open forum: pandemic pedagogy?

Teaching is nothing if not having questions and trying to get our students to ask yet more questions. With each twice-yearly issue of SHARP in the Classroom, we’ll host an open forum for book historians to talk about the pedagogical questions on our minds. For this issue, given the times and the subject of many of our contributions, talking about pandemic pedagogy seems a good initial focus. How are you faring in teaching book history while teaching online or partially online or suddenly switching between in person and online? Have you found good strategies to introduce students to the history of how texts are created and disseminated while we’re all in zoom screens? Do you have nagging questions about how to navigate your online classroom? What sort of assignments are you creating to help students learn? Any and all questions are up for discussion here in the comments thread below. Please chime in and read along and let’s work together to better our book history classrooms!