Robert Darnton. A Literary Tour de France

If the clever title isn’t enough to interest a book historian in this e-resource, the name behind it likely will be. Robert Darnton is a renowned historian specializing in the French book in the era of the Revolution. Recently, however, he has expanded his focus to digital scholarship, and as such, he is likely the perfect person to launch such an exploratory resource.

Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt, Revolutions from Grub Street: A History of Magazine Publishing in Britain

Covering magazine publishing from Grub Street until the recent past, Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt have produced a magisterial account of the industry. Throughout this study, the focus is on consumer magazines and the publishing companies that bring them to market. The result is a book that manages to weave together the various technical innovations, magazine launches, labour disputes, and corporate takeovers into an enthralling narrative that takes readers from the small print shops and jobbing journalists of the hand-press era right up to the emergence of the iPad.